What is laser hair removal?

Living in Palm Beach Gardens, we are rarely covered up, except maybe for those few days a year when we have to throw on a sweater and some boots. With our minimalistic wardrobes, more skin is shown resulting in the endless job of self grooming. Who has time for this? I know I don’t! That is why I sought out laser hair removal. Not only is it THE solution to cutting back on your “body-scaping”, it’s the first treatment that got me hooked leading into my current career of aesthetics.

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive procure that “zaps” the hair at the root causing that hair to essentially die and not come back Generally, we do 6 treatments, one month apart, to knock our the hair cycles, after that you are scheduled for maintenance. You will notice a difference the first treatment with less hair growth and shave time. The hairs may feel “finer” and be in a blotchy pattern.

Does it hurt?

I tell my clients it’s sort of like a rubber band snap, however, I feel that is too extreme. Most people are pleasantly surprised by how little the treatment does hurt. During the treatment you can expect to feel some heat, as well as some cooling either from a constant air flow, a cooling spray or perhaps a cooling gel.

You need to avoid sun exposure before and after that treatment, as well as using any sunless tanner. Laser hair removal does not work on blonde, grey or red hair, although hopefully one day. Treatments can take as little as 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the area(s) treated.

So why wouldn’t you choose a laser over a razor? I know I haven’t shaved my legs in years, and it’s awesome!